Hotel Kunken Lodge

About us

Where does our name come from?

The first time one hears about Kunken, indigenous cultures come to one’s mind. In the first Guaymí dictionary by the missionary Ephraim S. Alphonse, the meaning “Kunken” is described as a translation of the word “wild” in the Ngäbere language. The word Kunken relates to the wild, wilderness, and the outsiders, the visitors. Both contain the essence of Kunken Lodge: the experience of wild nature through our visitors.
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Kunken Boutique Hotel & Spa

Beachfront Lodge, a few meters away from your bed

On your way to Kunken Boutique Hotel & Spa, the road is going to show you the sea from the mountains, many meters above. When you get here, you start coming down our road, all the way to sea level, where the salty water from the ocean is a minute away from your own room.

Maximum Comfort, surrounded by nature

Equipped with many windows and doors to help with the airflow, our rooms have the perfect balance between luxury and being one with nature, always facing the immensity of the sea and embraced by the natural wealth of the environment.
Kunken Boutique Hotel & Spa

Luxurious Wilderness

Reserve your stay and wake up to the splendorous sounds and colors of the South of Costa Rica. Monkeys and frogs will sing for you every night when you go to sleep.