Hotel Kunken Lodge


Kunken Boutique Hotel & Spa

Our projects are committed to nature, an experience you can enjoy at Kunken Boutique Hotel & Spa.
Kunken Boutique Hotel & Spa

Kunken Nature Reserve Wildcats Monitoring Program

Every day at 7am in the cloud deck

Start your day with a dose of consciousness and gratitude. Group sessions with the whole gulf at your feet.
Kunken Boutique Hotel & Spa

Frog Sanctuary

In-house frog sanctuary open all day

We’ve created a natural habitat ready to become the house of any frog species, perfect for photography and study.
Kunken Boutique Hotel & Spa

Hummingbirds of Kunken Nature Reserve

Perfect for photography and study of species

Kunken is the home of numerous bird types. We suggest you use all of your senses to capture the right bird at the right moment.